Waltham Cross & District Primary Schools Sports Association

WDPSSA Constitution

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Waltham and District Primary Schools Sports Association




  1. The Association shall be known as ‘The Waltham and District Primary Schools Sports Association’
  2. Membership shall be open to all schools accepted by the AGM or General Meeting
  3. The affiliation fee per school shall be agreed at each AGM, and is due at the beginning of each academic year.
  4. The officers of the Association shall be the Chairman, Hon.Treasurer, Hon.General Secretary, and Hon.Secretaries for the appropriate sports
  5. The Officers shall be elected at the AGM to be held as early as possible in September.
  6. Sub-Committees shall be formed for each sport as necessary and will be responsible for the satisfactory running of that sport.
  7. At a General Meeting all members of staffs of affiliated schools or departments may be present, but only one from each school is entitled to vote on business transactions.
  8. At a General Meeting at least 40% of affiliated schools must be represented to form a quorum.
  9. Special General Meetings or Executive Meetings (for the purpose of dealing with emergencies) may be called at any time by the Hon. General Secretary, or by the Section Secretaries, or at the request of at least three affiliated schools or departments. At least three days notice shall be given by the Secretary concerned of any Special Meeting.
  10. For the AGM or any Special Meeting the Agenda should accompany the Notice of the Meeting.
  11. Notice of proposed alteration of or addition to Rules, and notice of any other business to be transacted at the AGM shall be forwarded to the Hon.Gen.Secretary as soon as possible before the meeting concerned.
  12. The accounts of the Association shall be audited annually



September 2017