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Safe Guarding & Child Protection Policy

Waltham and District Primary Schools Sports Association

(WDPSSA) – Founded 1965

 Chairman: Scott Woodhouse

Safe Guarding and Child Protection Policy

The term child protection has been changed to safeguarding as it reflects the wider responsibility for health & safety & prevention as well as just protection from abuse. The word safeguarding has been used with increasing frequency over the last few years in a wide range of settings and situations, going well beyond the world of children and child protection. It may be defined as:


“Doing everything possible to minimise the risk of harm to children and young people.”


Safeguarding is about being proactive and putting measures in place in advance of any contact with children to ensure that children are going to be kept safe. This could include:

  • ensuring staff are properly checked when they are recruited
  • guidelines for people who come into contact with children as part of their role to ensure they know what they need to do to keep children safe
  • guidelines for planning an event or activity with children and putting measures in place to minimise the risk of safeguarding issues occurring.


Whilst the vast majority of those children who engage in sporting activities do so in perfect safety, a small number are at risk of abuse from individuals who involve themselves in sport in order to gain access to children.


All teachers who accept responsibility for the safety and welfare of pupils engaged in inter-school activities approved and arranged by the Waltham and District Primary Schools’ Sports Association must take all reasonable steps to minimise the risk of child abuse.


Sports activities take place in a variety of venues, and therefore procedures for child protection will be based to a large extent on local conditions.


The following general guidelines should be followed where appropriate:

Staff Ratios


Ratios should be based on LEA recommendations. In cases of mixed activities, male and female staff should be available.


Changing Rooms


When pupils use changing rooms they should be supervised by two members of staff. With younger children everyone should remain in the changing room until the last child is ready.

Collection by Parents/Carers


There should be clear school policies which define the procedure for the collection of pupils from sports activities based on the age of the pupils and the location and parents/carers must be made fully aware of where the teacher’s responsibility ends and their responsibility begins.


Pupils must not be allowed to leave the venue unless the teacher–in-charge has verified that they are being taken by the parent or some other person authorised by the parent or that written permission has been given for them to make their own way home.


Should the parent be delayed on the way to collect a child, attempts should be made to make contact by phone if possible to seek instructions. The child must not be sent home with another person without the parent’s permission. If the parent cannot be contacted, the teacher must wait with the child at the venue with other staff/voluntary assistants or parents present if at all possible.




The use of volunteers is encouraged provided they have undergone the vetting procedure operated by the L.E.A./school and have been accepted as suitable persons to work with children.


Health and Safety


In all sports activities the possibility of injury is ever present but fortunately serious cases of injury to pupils are rare. However, it is imperative that they are dealt with speedily and appropriately and that parents are able to be contacted without delay.


All teachers involved in inter-school sport must be fully aware of procedures for summoning emergency services.

Teachers accompanying groups of pupils to ‘away’ venues should carry with them home addresses and telephone numbers of all those in their charge and a first aid kit.


Where considered necessary by the organiser of a sports event, attendance by qualified first aid personnel should be arranged.

The appropriate report form should be completed following an injury sustained by a pupil and the names of any witnesses should be taken.


This policy applies to all those involved in Waltham and District Primary School Sports Association (WDPSSA) coaches, administrators, officials, volunteers.

The WDPSSA has adopted and implemented –


The Sport England Child Protection Policy – including NSPCC & Sports Coach UK

Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (HCC) – Child Protection Procedure

The ECB ‘Safe Hands – Welfare of Young People’ Policy.

England Basketball – Child Protection Regulation

The Football Association – Safe Guarding Children & Young People in Football



Original Version: May 2005

Reviewed and updated: September 2017

The WDPSSA is co-ordinated by: PATHWAYS PLUS