Waltham Cross & District Primary Schools Sports Association

Netball Rules

Waltham and District Primary Schools Sports Association

(WDPSSA) – Founded 1965

Chairman: Scott Woodhouse

Netball League Rules

 – The Leagues are in place primarily for the children to participate and enjoy sport.

– Deadline Day 2015 – All League Matches to be played by Friday 20th March 2015.

– No points can be awarded for any non-played games for any reason.

– Schools that have more than 2 matches outstanding (to be played!) by deadline day will be withdrawn from the League for Final Standings and entry to Finals Day. Any points/goals awarded for these games will be taken out of the League Standings.


A team is made up of 7 children, but no more than 2 may be boys. Usually substitutions are made at half time or if an injury occurs. A squad should be no more than 10, of which 3 may be boys. All players must be on the school roll.


Game length

10 to 15 minutes each way, to be agreed before game commences


Ball Size

Size 5 to show good handling skills



NONE should be worn and protruding hair ornaments should be removed



Each school should provide an umpire. The first centre pass is decided by tossing a coin, and the team who losses the toss chooses which end they wish to shoot in. At half time the teams change ends, but the umpires remain on the same side. Each time a goal is scored the umpire should give the score and inform the teams whose centre pass it is next.


Umpires should penalise for:

Footwork – landing foot has to remain stationary until the ball has been released; this is especially important in the circle when a goal could be scored. A free pass is awarded.

Ball Handling – players may only hold the ball for 3 seconds before passing or shooting. A free pass is awarded.

Defending – opposition player must stand away from the player with the ball. Player may not defend the shot but is allowed to be by the side of the shooter as they make the shot, provided they do not interfere with the shooting action, this encourages rebounding skills. A penalty pass or shot is awarded.


Sporting Behaviour

At the end of the match children should be encouraged to thank the umpires, and if possible home teams should provide some sort of refreshments.

The WDPSSA is co-ordinated by: PATHWAYS PLUS