Waltham Cross & District Primary Schools Sports Association

Football League Rules

Waltham and District Primary Schools Sports Association

(WDPSSA) – Founded 1965

Chairman: Scott Woodhouse

League Football Rules (not Mini-Soccer)


  • The Leagues are in place primarily for the children to participate and enjoy sport.
  • Deadline Day 2015 – All League Matches to be played by Friday 20th March 2015.
  • No points can be awarded for any non-played games for any reason.
  • Schools that have more than 2 matches outstanding (to be played!) by deadline day will be withdrawn from the League for Final Standings and entry to Finals Day. Any points/goals awarded for these games will be taken out of the League Standings.
  1. 7 a side teams
  2. 15 minutes each way, unless otherwise agreed.
  3. No off-sides
  4. Three points for a win, one for a draw
  5. Football socks and shin pads must be worn
  6. NO jewellery to be worn
  7. Size 3/4 ball
  8. Normal football rules otherwise. Any variations agreed before game by both teachers
  9. Goal difference will be a factor for league positions

10. All matches played with a sporting attitude with good crowd control and no bad language.

11. Games to be refereed by teaching staff, unless qualified ref. is available and agreed by both sides prior to game.

12. Referees are the responsibility of the home team.

13. All players must be on the school roll

14. No back passes to goalkeepers

15. Whether or not to allow drop kicks by goalkeepers should be agreed before each game depending on the size of the pitch

16. A teams were Y6 and below, B teams were Y5 and below

17. Goals should be 12ft x 6ft

18. Recommended FA pitch sizes for mini soccer are:

Width Metres Yards
Min. 27.45 Min. 30
Max. 36.60 Max. 40
Length Min. 45.75 Min. 50
Max .54.90 Max. 60


The WDPSSA is co-ordinated by: PATHWAYS PLUS