WDPSSA Rounders Festival

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 WDPSSA Rounders Festival


DEADLINE ENTRY DATE – 17th June 2015



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 WDPSSA additional rules & regulations


Dependant on numbers – There will be two leagues with the winners of each league playing off in a final.

We look forward to seeing you all. Necessary equipment will be available.

  • Teams can be a maximum of 15 players. 9 players are on the field for each team at any one time.
  • If a mixed team – there should be no more than 5 male players on the field for each team
  • One team bats while the other team fields and bowls.

There is 1 innings of 20 good balls

A no ball from the bowler – ball is above the shoulders – below the knee, ball bounces on way to batter, is wide or straight at body.

When it’s a no ball – the bowl is taken again, until a good ball is bowled (No Ball – No Run)

Players can run on a miss

You must touch 4th Post on getting home with your hand.

After 10 good balls have been played, substitutions can be made.

A dropped bat means out!A batter can be out if the fielding team catch the ball hit by the batter before it touches the ground or by touching the post the batter is heading to with the ball before the batter reaches it.

  • 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw
  • In the event of a tie on points, rounders ‘for’ count then rounders ‘against’. If still equal, trophy is shared.
  • The bowler bowls the ball to the batter who hits the ball anywhere on the Rounders pitch. The batter then runs to as many posts as possible before the fielders return the ball to touch the post the batter is heading for.
  • If the batter reaches the 2nd or 3rd post in one hit, the batting team scores ½ Rounder. If the batter reaches 4th post in one hit, the batting team scores a Rounder.

Please be prepared to provide umpires for the games, and any water, suncream, shade etc. for the children as you feel necessary.

Normal rules will apply,  they can be found on: www.nra-rounders.co.uk


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– The school representative is responsible to communicate the WDPSSA code of conduct for junior players, parents and guests. To all attendees from the school before each event starts.

– Each school & representatives are responsible for their Pupils/Parents & Guests

– The Referee/Umpire Decision is FINAL

– First Aid requirements

– Parent & Guest behaviour

– To arrive 15 mins before event Start/Time

– Finish times listed are approx

Your host : wdpssa