WDPSSA Kwick Cricket Festival

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 WDPSSA Kwick Cricket Festival


DEADLINE ENTRY DATE – 18th June 2015


Kwick Cricket


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WDPSSA additional & rules


Aims: Enjoyment and fair play by all

Equipment: Kwik Cricket equipment


Pitch: 2 sets of wickets 16 yards apart. Boundaries are 30 yards.


  • Teams: Each team consists of a squad of 10 players, with 8 players playing in each match.



Substitutes: These are permitted game to game, but not during the game, except in the event of an injury when a substitute is allowed to field but unable to bowl. The substitute is allowed to bat if the injury is deemed sufficiently bad.


The Start: The 2 teams toss a coin to decide who has the choice of batting or fielding.


Batting and Scoring:

  • The batting side starts with 200 runs and bats in 4 pairs
  • Each pair receives 2 overs and has unlimited lives
  • Each time a batter is out, 5 runs are deducted and the other batter faces the next ball
  • At the end of the over the batsmen change ends
  • A batter can be out from being bowled, caught, run out, stumped or hit wicket.
  • There is no LBW rule unless the umpire decides that the batter has deliberately blocked the ball from hitting the wickets using their legs.
  • Runs are scored in the normal manner, as are byes.
  • NO balls occur if a ball bounces more than once in reaching the batsmen, or if the ball reaches the batter above shoulder height.
  • 2 runs are awarded to the batting team for each wide delivery or no ball, with no extra ball being bowled except in the final over of the innings, when the batting side receives an extra ball and 2 extra runs.
  • A batsmen may hit a no ball, but if the resulting no-ball shot achieves more than 3 runs, the 2 runs for the no ball are ignored.
  • At the end of the first 2 overs the batters retire and are replaced by the second pair until all 4 pairs have received 2 overs.


Bowling and Fielding:

  • Each player bowls one over of 6 balls.
  • Bowling takes place from one end only.
  • Fielders rotate clockwise after each over. Thus all players get a turn in each fielding position, including wicket keeping.
  • Overarm bowling is encouraged, however underarm bowling is allowed.
  • No fielder is allowed within 10 yards of the striking batsman.


The Result: The team with the highest total wins! In the event of a tie, the team taking the most wickets wins.


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– The school representative is responsible to communicate the WDPSSA code of conduct for junior players, parents and guests. To all attendees from the school before each event starts.

– Each school & representatives are responsible for their Pupils/Parents & Guests

– The Referee/Umpire Decision is FINAL

– First Aid requirements

– Parent & Guest behaviour

– To arrive 15 mins before event Start/Time

– To bring a completed photo permission form and hand in to staff at registration

– Finish times listed are approx

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