WDPSSA Athletics Festival - Large Schools

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WDPSSA  Athletics Festival – Large Schools





WDPSSA additional rules & regulations


At the stadium, please ensure that you have the children ready for marshalling for each race and listen for announcements and instructions.

A running order of events will be distributed before the event.

Please also ensure that each child has their school letter and their name on the front so that scorers can identify them easily.

1st place earns 6pts,

2nd 5pts,

3rd 4pts,

4th 3pts.

All others get 1pt for their school.

The first 3 in each final will get medals.

As you will know the Field Events are held at the same time as the Track Events.

For the Field Events you need to prepare 3 girl’s and 3 boy’s (any year):

1 girl and 1 boy for – Speed Bounce,

1 girl and 1 boy for – Standing Long Jump

1 girl and 1 boy for – Javelin.

Children can be entered for 1 field, 1 track and 1 relay event if you wish.


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Order of events



1        Y3      60m Hurdles        Boys

2        Y3      60m Hurdles        Girls

3        Y4      60m Hurdles        Boys

4        Y4      60m Hurdles        Girls

5        Y5      80m Hurdles        Boys

6        Y5      80m Hurdles        Girls

7        Y6      80m Hurdles        Boys

8        Y6      80m Hurdles        Girls

9        Y3      60m sprint            Boys

10      Y3      60m sprint            Girls

11       Y4      70m sprint           Boys

12      Y4      70m sprint            Girls

13      Y5      80m sprint            Boys

14      Y5      80m sprint            Girls

15      Y6      80m sprint            Boys

16      Y6      80m sprint            Girls

17      Y3      400m                     Boys

18      Y3      400m                     Girls

19      Y4      400m                     Boys

20      Y4      400m                     Girls

21      Y5      600m                     Boys

22      Y5      600m                     Girls

23      Y6      600m                     Boys

24      Y6      600m                     Girls

25      Y3      60m shuttle relay  2Boys/2Girls

26      Y4      70m shuttle relay  2Boys/2Girls

27      Y5      80m shuttle relay  2Boys/2Girls

28      Y6      80m shuttle relay  2Boys/2Girls


The Field Events run throughout the afternoon, so when your Javelin, Speed Bounce and Standing Long Jump competitors are not in other races please do send them to the field event in which they are competing. Thank you.


– The school representative is responsible to communicate the WDPSSA code of conduct for junior players, parents and guests. To all attendees from the school before each event starts.

– Each school & representatives are responsible for their Pupils/Parents & Guests

– The Referee/Umpire Decision is FINAL

– First Aid requirements

– Parent & Guest behaviour

– To arrive 15 mins before event Start/Time

– Finish times listed are approx

Your host : wdpssa