WDPSSA Tag Rugby Tournament

About this event :

 WDPSSA Tag Rugby Tournament


DEADLINE ENTRY DATE – 1st April 2015

Tag Rugby



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We hope to have referees, but please be prepared to referee in case some of them cannot attend.

Please be responsible for your own schools first aid needs and the conduct of any spectators.




  • Teams shall be 7 – a – side, with at least 2 girls on the field at any one time. All players must be on the school roll.
  • Maximum of 10 players in the Squad.
  • Games shall be 7 minutes in duration, with no half time break
  • The tournament shall be run in a league format with the top teams from each league playing in a final*
  • Substitutes are unlimited and can be made at any time, with the referees permission
  • In the event of a draw in finals, the ‘golden try’ rule applies, i.e the first team to score a try in ‘extra time’ will be the winners.






  • The object is to score a try by placing the ball down in the opponents try area, by evasive skills or passing the ball backwards (i.e towards their own try line).  There is no kicking or contact in TAG rugby.
  • Each player wears a belt with 2 TAG’s (one on either side), to make a tackle a defender pulls off one of the TAG’s of the ball carrier and shouts TAG.
  • After being TAGGED, the ball carrier must stop (within 3 steps), and pass the ball to a team mate immediately, they then collect their TAG from the tackler and continues with the game.
  • A ball carrier must not prevent being TAGGED buy hiding their belt, or knocking a would be tacklers arm away.
  • The TAGGER is out of the game until they give the TAG back to the tackled player.  They must not interfere, TAG or try to stop a pass until the TAG has been returned.  TAG’s must not be thrown on the floor
    • If a TAG is made whilst a player is scoring a try the TRY is allowed.
    • After a TAG all players on the defending team must get their side of the ball and not interfere with an attempted pass.
  • For any infringement, or after a try or the ball has gone out the non offending / scoring team start with a free pass.  Opponents must be 7m back from the ball to allow this pass.


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– The school representative is responsible to communicate the WDPSSA code of conduct for junior players, parents and guests. To all attendees from the school before each event starts.

– Each school & representatives are responsible for their Pupils/Parents & Guests

– The Referee/Umpire Decision is FINAL

– First Aid requirements

– Parent & Guest behaviour

– To arrive 15 mins before event Start/Time

– To bring a completed photo permission form and hand in to staff at registration

– Finish times listed are approx


Your host : wdpssa