WDPSSA Spring 7 a Side Girls Football Festival

About this event :

 WDPSSA Spring 7 a Side Girls Football Festival –

This Event is now FULL for 2015


 DEADLINE ENTRY DATE – 25th February 2015 


Girls Football


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WDPSSA additional rules & regulations


The format of the event will depend on number of teams entering, the start will be a league format, then maybe on to finals/plate etc


Please be responsible for your own school teams first aid needs. We should have referees, but please bring a whistle in case.



  • Normal FA rules except where otherwise stated
  • Teams shall consist of 7 players, with one as a goalkeeper
  • Two rolling substitutes are allowed during a match
  • All players are allowed in the goalkeepers area. Goal kicks to be taken within this area.
  • Match duration will be 5 mins. each way
  • Extra time will be played in final if necessary.
  • Referees will act as timekeepers and recorders
  • No offside rule will apply.
  • League games will be decided by goals scored etc.
  • Three points for a win, one for a draw. In the event of equal points, goal difference, goals for, goals against will count. If teams still drawn, they will take penalties to find a winner.
  • The WDPSSA codes of conduct will apply
  • Shinpads must be worn by all players at all times
  • All players must be on the school roll


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– The school representative is responsible to communicate the WDPSSA code of conduct for junior players, parents and guests. To all attendees from the school before each event starts.

– Each school & representatives are responsible for their Pupils/Parents & Guests

– The Referee/Umpire Decision is FINAL

– First Aid requirements

– Parent & Guest behaviour

– To arrive 15 mins before event Start/Time

– To bring a completed photo permission form and hand in to staff at registration

– Finish times listed are approx




Your host : wdpssa