WDPSSA Swimming Gala East

About this event :

WDPSSA Swimming Gala East


DEADLINE ENTRY DATE – 20th January 2015




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WDPSSA Swimming Gala


Schools are asked to be at the pool by around 1.30pm. Teams will only be allowed poolside at 2.00pm and the events have to be fully completed by 3.30pm please.

     Please note unfortunately there is no room for Spectators – only school staff and participants
     Recommended for Year 5 & 6 Pupils
     Girls to wear one piece costumes please, and boys swimming trunks
     All children who have long hair that could affect safety in the water should wear hats please
     Schools do not have to enter every race
     Races will be over one length – no diving starts
     Points will be awarded in finals only
     All competitors must be able to swim 25m confidently. The pool is around 8ft 6in at the deep end.
     There will be separate boys and girls events, excepting relays:


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Schedule of Races.



Event 1    Girls freestyle. Heat 1

Girls freestyle. Heat 2

Event 2      Boys freestyle. Heat 1

Boys freestyle. Heat 2

Event 3     Girls breaststroke. Heat 1

Girls breaststroke. Heat 2

Event 4      Boys breaststroke. Heat 1

Boys breaststroke. Heat 2

Event 5     Girls backstroke. Heat 1

Girls backstroke. Heat 2

Event 6      Boys backstroke. Heat 1

Boys backstroke. Heat 2

Event 7     Girls butterfly. Heat 1

Girls butterfly. Heat 2

Event 8     Boys butterfly. Heat 1

Boys butterfly. Heat 2

Event 9     Freestyle relay. Heat 1. 2 boys, 2 girls.

Freestyle relay. Heat 2. 2 boys, 2 girls

Event 10     Medley relay. Heat 1. 2 boys, 2 girls (1 back, 1 breast, 2 free)

  Medley relay. Heat 2. 2 boys, 2 girls (1 back, 1 breast, 2 free)

Event 11     Girls freestyle final

Event 12     Boys freestyle final

Event 13     Girls breaststroke final

Event 14     Boys breaststroke final

Event 15     Girls backstroke final

Event 16     Boys backstroke final

Event 17     Girls butterfly final

Event 18     Boys butterfly final

Event 19     Freestyle relay final

Event 20     Medley relay final


Points will be awarded on the basis of

5 pts for 1st place,

4 pts for 2nd place

3 pts for 3rd place

 2 pts for 4th place

1 pt  for 5th place

A trophy will be awarded to the winning school and medals will be awarded to the first 3 children in each final and the relay team.

Each school should provide a teacher to supervise their team and a volunteer to help with stewarding, timekeeping, etc.



The school representative is responsible to communicate the WDPSSA code of conduct for junior players, parents and guests. To all attendees from the school before each event starts.

Each school & representatives are responsible for their Pupils/Parents & Guests;

                       First Aid requirements

                       Parent & Guest behaviour

The Referee/Umpire Decision is FINAL

To arrive 15 mins before event Start/Time

Finish times listed are approx

Your host : wdpssa